I am busy...busy with all the things that 
fill my brains...chaotic I am...to 
unravle the big knot in my head, I used to do
my sports...that helps me to let go...
today I feel fit...to do my trainings! yes!
thanx to the guys that make the music that 
I let flow through my ears while I sport
,so I can make it!! EXITING RHYTHMS otherwise
 I realy couldn't train in such a boring terrible 
space whith that horrable devices that leads to complete

thank you: SEANPAUL, JARULE, PITBULL, , lil jon, T.O.K., 
richy feelings and all the masters that make 
RAGGA REGGAETON...you feed my body, >..for the 
soul?> I listen to other music with 'more body'
and textuel inspiration..but for now> let's get it on!

very bad about this video?>> the old man
coming down for a several times...not done!!
but, that's the only critic...
little boy: = great!