I'm so proud! proud to announce that my brother, gerhard de groot artist/painter, and my boyfriend oscar venema artist/painter are going to the great international contemporary art fair 2012 in LONDON! together!

their work has been selected out of thousands...and they're showing it from thursdag till saturday, 16 t/m 18 februari at 
PARALLAX LONDON. check their sites for more info>> www.stephanus.net & www.oscart.nl.

I must admit> I am also a bit proud of myself, because oscar is 
showing a painting at the parallax where I did the photography for...the model for this painting is william...
this painting was also selected for the gemeente museum in the hague last year! YES! we're doing great!!!

this painting will be shown at the parallax by oscart. photography for  this work by CHAOS!
model: william/160x200cm

gerhard de groot/check site: www.stephanus.net
oscar venema/check site: www.oscart.nl

success and great luck in london together! X