my IAMCHAOS necklace

today I found a litte envelope in my mailbox. I had no idea why I got an evelope all the way from the USA!...suddenly I knew: I ordered a necklace with my company name...two months ago on the internet...stupid me! am I the only one in the world that order things and when they don't come to you within one week, you completely forget that you ordered anything at all!?!...and believe me: I don't have the money growing on my back...damn, I have to pay attention at this behaviour!

a parcel from the USA!

my beautiful: I AM CHAOS in a necklace

my last purchased necklaces: a boombox, a gun with a knot at the end, the word 'tuttebel' and the last one: I am chaos! 

this day I ended up with the lotta things you can buy for your chain on the internet..this is just a grip...duh!