good things always come together!!! as you know! 

>>antony posing for one of my favorite magazines: the I-D > nice combi!

antony hegarty> this phenomenal, transgender singer, intelligent, sophisticated and adorable -!- artist performer ,at least I think he is all of that, is posing for one of my favorite magazines: the I-D ! the photos were shot by daniele duella + lango henzi. their photos remain undisputedly contemporary and they're sexually charged and show an attention to the detail of fashion and to the depths of transgressive emotion. more to see in the lates I-D-magazine! check >> www.i-dmagazine.com

just to show how touching and delicate this brilliant antony hegarty is: watch this 'thank you for your love'. this video is sublime... oscar this one is for you

my hero him  posing for the I-D-magazine

and him in the white in this next video. I think he looks like a jezus...f*ckn beautiful too...

check>> www.antonyandthejohnsons.com