thanx fey for a great day with the horses in friesland! it was an intensive day...-what would we be without you...-...between the showers -rainrain- we made it: the shoot we did together and the beautiful (fries) black horse marcus was brilliant! 
today, oscar(t) and I (chaos!) selected the final photos that I made especially for our exhibition -the international photo festival noorderlicht in september-. we work on a few colossal paintings/photographs right now...lotta work to do, but it's gonna be awesome! soon a few snapshot of our work in progress...

a very little preview of photos we didn't select  :)

feyona and marcus> you were a great couple! thanks!

behind the scenes> chaos! working

the end of the day...-feyona, oscar, horse marcus & I...

and...thank you roos for your incredibly hospitality and for 'lending' us one of the most beautiful and lovely horses on this earth:  marcus! we're very grateful to you, thanks!

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