sometimes things go exact the way you want them to go, and sometimes you haven't the slightest idea why things don't work out the way you planned them...can someone tell me why, the f*ck?!

last saturday oscar and I had a great time: the trip to enschede with his bus; showing our work in the rijksmuseum; hearing that we're through the first round of the jury's selection!; spending the noon in town; walking around, drinking, eating, chilling...
we had to stay the noon, cause a second jury would decide -at 19.15 p.m.- if we were selected for the gemeente museum den haag...
but, unfortunately our painting gets no place on the wall in this museum! the jury doesn't give any comment of their judgment, we don't even get to know who they are and how many?...you need to sort out yourself why the work wasn't selected!

a bit disillusioned damn we were!! we drove back to our hometown. but: we keep our head up high, and go on making the things/work that we believe in! 
thanks to you guys, to those who sent us so many nice messages/best wishes and compliments on our work! 

here's a little compilation of our trip to the 'zomerexpo' last saturday to enschede

on the road, in a good mood

waiting to give our work to the jury ...with my yellow bracelet on that correspondents with the red button that was sticked on our work... I felt like a number> wich we were ofcourse!!

the final showdown! behind the scenes -oscar- and the jury -11 members-

the noon-jury selected our work. that had to be photographed by a prof at that moment. the work will be shown on the internet zomerexpo catalog in june. poor us> not in the museum but on the internet for christ's sake! 

carlijn is posing for the zomerexpo catalog