this is: THE FRESH SHIT!

OK!!>> a splendid clip: I fink u freeky by 'die antwoord'. director of this clip: melle van essen. this brilliant cinematographer makes magnificent clips. watch more of this man on www.mellevanessen.nl
especially the clip 'echoes of war'...moved...
OK!!>> the marvelous photographer is roger ballen! he's sure has the balls! beautiful black and white photo's from freaks...check his site www.rogerballen.com

and what about...

DIE ANTWOORD!!>> a futuristic rap-rave crew from south africa, who represent a fresh new style called ZEF! fresh for sure: see how they discribe their 'about themselves', couldn't do it better man!! wow! you have to see their site: http://dieantwoord.com 
find out who they are!! GREAT!!!

I do love this! stoer wijffie

we like this shit!!! signed by: oscar, gerhard & me -chaos-!!