it was a crowded day last sunday at 'het paleis'. we opened the atelier at 13.00 am and there were already people waiting to 
go in >> the making of...-the book- was a big success! 
for the first time we -CHAOS! & OSCART- presented our work together official in oscars atelier. thanks for all the great compliments on our work! 

-expo CHAOS! & OSCART > ...the atelier was too full, normally this is a working place. now it looked like an art-galerie...tomorrow we'll make space, so oscar can work on his new painting in a clean studio!...

our contribution: two pages  for the artbook -photo shows 1-
the art-book: 14 pages, designed by artist from 'het paleis'

after an enervating weekend...we wished we could sleep for one week!