'dare to compare'/gouache/sib.krijt/houtskool/inkt1998.150x1m/1998/gerhard de groot
you talk about art? than let's talk about my brother gerhard! last week he showed this painting -dare to compare- on his facebook and I think that is'nt te right place for such beautiful work. he studied arts at the university in kampen and he promoted to the ateliers 63 in haarlem -now: De ateliers amsterdam www.de-ateliers.nl- he's a fabulous, marvelous artist for over twenty years now an everytime he amazes me with his unsustainable creative state of his brain! I am his greatest admirer and love the way he draws, paints and writes. today I like to say to you guys: open your eyes and let his creatures relieve them> gerhard, I'am so proud that your my big artist brother. thanx for making so many briljant work. -oscar still has to find a nice place for the drawings he recently bought from you, but they will have a prominent place in the room! they're so fckn beautiful! we love!